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Our ambition is to build digital bridges in real estate for the many different applications and requirements of our customers, thus avoiding digital disruption or app clutter.

We call this ID-driven project management with the help of interactive elements and plans.

Feel free to look around us, We will surely find a very good solution for you.

Presented solutions:

Lean Management

Interactive Door Tables

Apartment Configurator

in the video: interactive Lean Management

Lean Management

price on request

IBB-Müller GmbH commissions built[t] for a special solution for lean management based on our technology – the interactive plan for the construction industry. The innovative lean management tool links the cycle planning with our interactive plan and thus enables flexible process control.

With our focus on visual control and with our interactive user interface, cycle planning can be created much more easily in complex construction processes. With the help of our MapGenerator®, new areas are quickly defined or areas are structured more finely.

A large-format touch display with on-site access control enables comfortable work and a unique overview. Structured documentation is automatically created in the background. IBB-Müller uses our technology to get a simple, individual solution for complex processes in their own construction management. Only by consistently linking important, digital information can construction projects benefit from the advantages of digitalization. This innovative solution was developed with this common understanding.

Interaktive Door Tables

price on request

in the video: Interactive Door Tables

Novoferm and built[t] join forces to create an innovation in the building industry: the interactive door list, for the door and gate expert Novoferm.

Through our ID controlled technology and with the tool “MapGenerator” we were able to provide a solution for linked working with doors with little effort. In this way, door lists are interactively linked with plans in no time at all.

The attributes of the doors, as well as their localization, can now be edited in the same practical interface – supplemented by efficient, fully documented change management. Digital transformation means eliminating duplicate structures and replacing them with intelligent networking. We are very pleased that our customer Novoferm shares this vision with us.

in the video: interactive Apartment Configurator

Apartment Configurator

price on request

To support and control the sales and construction processes for the “Upside Berlin” project in Berlin Friedrichshain, Max und Moritz Quartier Friedrichshain GmbH, commissioned built[t] GmbH with the development of an apartment configurator in conjunction with schedule and quality management during execution.

By intelligently linking the execution date and construction progress with the apartment configuration, all changes from Sales are forwarded to the dynamic construction process at an early stage. At the same time, services already started are communicated to sales as critical sales components via the apartment configurator.

In addition, the subsequently defined qualities are directly part of the digital quality management.

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