Control and document the quality of your product – with our unique, interactive map.



gives your customers back confidence in difficult times. In combination with our innovative software, you protect your business from financial losses and your guests from health risks. Work processes are simplified and securely documented. With a transparent quality management you will provide a higher sense of security to your guests.

Our hotel app:

Control your hotel via a smart card, even on the road. With our “Hotel Service” product, you get everything you need in terms of software for quality management and housekeeping in your hotel business, in addition to our app. Through our innovative processes and our modular tools, you can control your daily cleaning process, as well as your pending repairs, while collecting valuable data about your business in the background.


With our technology, you can offer even cautious guests more safety and a better sense of well-being during their stay. The better you document your hygiene standard, the more confidence you can offer your customers in the future.

In addition to innovative quality management, we offer you a unique technology to control your processes. Send orders for cleaning rooms or objects conveniently on your browser by simply clicking on the desired rooms. These are transmitted directly to the smartphones of your employees. You get real-time feedback on progress. Walk into your premises spontaneously, locate a problem on your smartphone/tablet with position accuracy and assign a responsibility.

With our system, you complete and simplify processes to control and produce your quality with little effort.


The ideal complement to your property management system (PMS) to digitize your operation sustainably.

Hygiene Documented

You control your cleaning staff contactlessly via the platform. The progress of cleaning is visible and documented in real time. Set blocking times for rooms to prevent infection chains.

Mobile apps to Browser

With our mobile apps, you have the right tool on site to communicate efficiently and document issues. Our apps are available for both Android and Apple iOS!

Interactive floor plan

Control your hotel by mouse click or touch by directly selecting rooms and initiating processes via our interactive map. You save your collected data in connection with the location. You have never had such a clear overview of your hotel.

Digital memory

The “digital memory” of your company grows with your data set, because everything can be retrieved again at any time assigned to you. The questions of who, what, when and where are permanently mapped. Profit from your company’s own data treasure in the long term.

Our product

Unser Produkt

Hotel Operations

20 monthly base price
  • Apps (Android) & Plattform
  • Housekeeping
  • Quality Management
  • Documentation
  • additional 0,50€ per month per room
  • one-time furnishing costs additional 2€ per room

*Prerequisites are: Available WLAN, planning documents (e.g. escape and rescue plan), mobile device

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Submit your information to our staff and we will hand over your project to you "turnkey" after a short processing time. Log in and get started.


We offer a 24h telephone hotline on the first day of operation to support you. Before that, we offer your staff short instructions via video call, our foolproof operation is almost self-explanatory!


To create your custom interactive map, we need your floor plan. We can create the map from various file formats, but also with your fire department plan.


To be able to work effectively, you should have a WLAN network in your hotel. However, you do not need a separate or fully comprehensive network, your existing facility is more than enough.

Mobile Devices

We recommend using in-house smartphones for housekeeping. We will be happy to advise you on your options.

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