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Your construction management with interactive plans

simple. fast. flexible.

For all participants in construction business

simple. fast. flexible.

In construction management, important documentation is tedious, time-consuming and expensive. In addition, there are often incompatible software solutions. As a result, work is left undone, pressure increases, errors occur and, in the end, the overview of the highly dynamic construction process is lost. This does not have to be the case.

With our interactive plans, you improve your operational processes and save money through well-structured and fast communication as well as efficient project management while documenting the work processes.

simple. Three steps to the interactive plan and off you go

fast. Our app is easy to use, no time-consuming entries for room and door numbers on site

flexible. Your interactive plan is scalable as needed, rooms or elements can be tracked at any time

At a glance:

Quality Management

Collect information in a flash on your smartphone or tablet. Here you can manage data from the Construction app for qualified quality management, download and send automated PDF reports. ("qualified" in the sense of further, enriched.


Assign responsibilities and share information with project stakeholders via the ToDo function using the app. General information from the Construction app is created, shared and assigned with project stakeholders in Info Management.

Document Management

One place for your plans and other documents. Operate an efficient document management and determine with a simple project rights management with whom you want to share your project-related documents.

Construction Diary

Let your construction diary run automatically in the background. All collected information of the app with the respective pdf reports are linked to your construction diary on a daily basis and can be retrieved.

Tender Management

Manage and publish your tender via the built[t] platform. Use our growing network of companies and expand your reach for more competition.

Interactive Tables

Room books, tables with doors, wall or ceiling openings are linked to your interactive plan. You can thus create plan overviews as PDF reports from your tables at any time.

Our Construction App:

Discover the new way of plan-based quality control.

Document and manage important information on the go and assign responsibilities to your recorded events. Describe and document the condition of rooms, components, and objects with this app. Create point elements like penetrations, doors, and monitoring points on the go.

Our offer:

Basic license

Already sufficient for apartment renovations of 1-2 family houses
20 monthly
  • License for a project creator
  • unlimited number of project participants
  • incl. ten 2D elements
  • up to ten projects
  • Quality Management
  • Document Management
  • Construction Diary
  • Tender Platform
  • Tender Management
  • + 10 GB storage space
start now

Ready to get started?

Register on our platform and pay easily and individually.

Create your interactive plan with the map generator in just a few clicks, directly in your browser.

Download our apps from the Apple Appstore or Android Playstore, log in and get started.

Extension packages:

for several smaller projects.

e.g. residential and hotel projects.

the big solution.


extension package
7 monthly
  • 100 additional elements
  • ten additional projects
  • + 10 GB storage space


extension package
29 monthly
  • 2000 additional elements
  • fifty additional projects
  • + 50 GB storage space

+10.000 ELEMENTS

extension package
79 monthly
  • 10,000 additional elements
  • unlimited number of projects
  • + 200 GB storage space

e.g. for larger offices.


additional project creator
20 monthly
  • an additional project creator

You can book the extension packages at any time in your platform access.

Your free and instant Help-Kit for construction management.

Lots of functionality, no credit card, no hassle.

You get:

An automated construction diary, mobile app for quality management, PDF reports to send.

For example, you have immediate control over the refurbishment of up to 9 residential units or 9 individual rooms.

Use our application:

  1. Register on builtt.com
  2. Discover tutorial
  3. Create interactive plan
  4. Document on site with the app
  5. Generate and send reports via platform

free and instant Help-Kit

Start documenting instantly, with minimal effort.
0 no costs incurred
  • Quality Management
  • Info Management
  • automatically generated construction diary
  • one free project
  • interactive map
  • 5 elements that can be created
  • platform access for one user
  • innovative App (iOS & Android)
  • up to 100MB photo memory

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